Schedule out your 1:1 sessions with Dr. Bennett all online! Please read the detailed instructions for scheduling your package visits below.

First time clients schedule as so:
    • First two onboarding visits (NC1 – Health Assessment, NC2- Homeopathic Intake)
      Prepare by submitting essential intake questionnaires, found on Charm, & viewing the Before Your Appointment lesson in the 1:1 Mini Course. 
    • After the initial onboarding visits, schedule a 1 week phone check-in (1 week from NC2 – Homeopathic Intake).
    • For the length of your package, schedule monthly 45 minute follow ups.
 For returning clients, select the Follow-up Visit option.
  • Acute check-ins and Lab Reviews will be scheduled, as needed, by the THP Team
  • If you have not had a visit in more than 3 months, you must set up a new package and start the onboarding process again.