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We’re an online community empowering you to be your own best healer, so you can change the world.

The Healthy Psyche’s mission is a simple one: providing education to bridge the gap between mental health and natural healing. By blending ancient practices and modern information we bring you at-home,  science-based solutions for you to start finding freedom today.

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You’ve got what it takes to peel back the layers and finally go after the health you’ve been craving. You just need a little pointing in the right direction. That’s where I come in.

 Hi, I’m Dr. Bennett! I’m the brains behind The Healthy Psyche, and I’ve created this space with you in mind. A place you can find hope, find ways to help yourself, and a place where you belong. 

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Times are wild and tough, I know how difficult it can be to find your calm. That’s why I want to give you a headstart by diving into the top root causes to anxiety.